We Manufacture for Large Brands

Quality-oriented know-how and ample experience in R&D&I have helped us earn the trust of the big brands for the production of their own perfume and cosmetics lines

We work in product development for clients with their own brands, offering a large variety of formats, capacities, formulations and packaging.

We adapt our production to the needs of each client, providing legal counsel from our technical department for correct labelling and promotion according to the legal procedures of each market.

This is a service that has positioned Perfums Bachs as a provider of recognised, prestigious brands, both in national and international markets.

Our status as a producer allows us to fabricate any type of product in any type of line and format that our clients need, from the mass market to the luxury market.


Our work is done in 5,000 square metres, divided in sectors, and equipped with safety mechanisms demanded by current legislation.

It is an environment that unites departments and professionals from distinct fields, from logistics to marketing to human resources to customer service, with an end goal of working cohesively towards the same objective of quality and service.


The area where the project is shaped, where fragrances are macerated, and the final product is born. Attached to the laboratory, equipped for the quality control of raw materials, and finished and unfinished products, you will find one of our most vital sites: the production area. With a maceration and storage capacity of 80,000 litres, it includes equipment for the production of demineralised and decalcified water, as well as filtration and refrigeration equipment. It has two production lines for deodorant production, two filling lines for 500-1500ml bottles, three packaging lines for bottled products between 1-250ml, four labelling machines and numerous coding and tracking machines.