Our Product

We Are.

We are perfumers, we are producers, we are marketers, and above all, we are faithful to our quality parameters and to one objective: to offer the best product at the best price.
Our lines, the fruit of a process of study, innovation and care for details, are created for their positioning as a quality product at an accessible price, pushing back against the elitist market or the discontinuous pull collections.

We Believe.

At Perfums Bachs we make each and every one of our products to satisfy our quality and price philosophy, the demanding European norms and market trends. This has been our commitment to our clients since Day One and one that has allowed us to create ties with some of our most enduring brands.

We love what we do and our enthusiasm is evident in the symphony of fragrances, the care of presentation, the thrill of the packaging... Each one of our perfumes, eau de toilettes, home fragrances and children’s colognes are the result of a professional labour that involves numerous departments. Formulation, production, design and marketing closely collaborate to satisfy the demands of the market and those of our most exacting clients.

We Create.

We produce a huge diversity of products encompassing formulations as varied as roll-on deodorant and home fragrances.
We study the market, its evolution and trends; we detect potential in-demand segments and analyse the product’s characteristics oriented to satisfy that need. To each product we apply the requested characteristics according to the target and legislation.  These include hypoallergenic tests for children’s fragrances, perfume solubility and permanence tests, testing of a makeup’s chromatic stability or the dosing and volatility of a valve for a spray version of a home fragrance. Each line must comply with the effectiveness parameters and applying them is our first step in production, even before developing the aesthetic characteristics of the packaging and presentation.