The Essence Of Bachs

The Essence of Passion.

Located in the city of Girona (EU), our company began its professional trajectory in the middle of the 1960’s, the fruit of the enthusiasm felt by its creators towards the evocative world of fragrances; the creation of essences and perfumes. It was a growing sector that brought the art of beauty and personal care to new heights.
Year after year we have grown along with the sector and our more than 50 years producing and marketing perfume and cosmetic products reflect the trajectory that our own brands have followed: Bachs, Gidary y Migant.

From Girona to the World.

With the tenets of quality and service firmly established from the beginning, we soon began to produce for other brands, opening the Third-Party Production and Exportation division. Within this department, we continue to offer high-quality products always in compliance with the strict control and safety parameters mandated by the European Union.
Currently, we are trusted by international brands and clients that delegate the manufacture of their own product range to us. On occasion, we even participate in R&D&I.

Moving on to the Runways.

A perfume is much more than a formulation of scent notes.
This is our ideology at Perfums Bachs: placing equal importance on the series of guidelines that breathe life into every one of the products we make. The jar, the packaging, the contents’ colour, the description, the naming… Creating a perfume is to fill a glass jar with sensations, desires and future memories. To do so, our Marketing department is permanently linked to the latest trends in fashion, décor, lifestyle and even gastronomy.
As such, our seasonal products are born through a synergy with the immediate future dictated by new trends. Those perfumes that are macerated and perfected in the laboratory today form part of a most-desired list on the street tomorrow. To this we dedicate our efforts and knowledge: to continue advancing with the needs of the market.